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President Farmajo announces resumption of talks with Somaliland

BARTAMAHA — President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo has announced the resumption of the stalled talks with Somaliland, a breakaway region in northern Somalia.

President made the announcement during speech at National Independence Day in Mogadishu today.

“My government is working hard on achieving a united country and people.” President Farmajo said while narrating the history of the struggle that led to the independence and the formation of the blue flag of the Somalis as a nation in 1960.

Currently Somaliland claims self-declared republic following Somali state collapse in 1991, but not internationally recognized.

“To reach our goal to regain our union, the government will soon resume talks with our brothers and sisters in the northern regions [Somaliland].” President Farmajo said.

Each year 1st July is celebrated as the National Independence Day in Somalia marking the independence victory of the southern Somalia from Italian colonial rulers, while the northern region celebrated days before that on June 26th and raised the blue Somali flag.

Farmajo’s call for talks came following similar hints last month from leaders in Somaliland who called for talks resumption between the Federal Government and Somaliland.

The Turkish-mediated talks stalled in 2015 as the term of then President Hassan Sheikh’s government nearly ended and elections were coming in which led to the election of President Farmajo.

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