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Seeking diverse cast for new play about Somali immigration

History Theatre is seeking a diverse group of non-union or union actors for the following new play:

By Harrison David Rivers and Ahmed Ismail Yusuf
Directed by Faye Price

A young shepherd boy stands in front of his mother to tell her of the decision he has made in the night. He has had enough of the nomadic life, of herding goats and sheep, and is leaving to seek out a better life. With that, he sets off on an adventure that takes him on the road less traveled from Somalia to Minnesota. It’s the epic tale of Ahmed Ismail Yusuf who, inspired by Maya Angelou, discovers the power of the written word.

Roles to be cast: [2W, 5M]
Man 1
AHMED ISMAIL YUSUF – Somali man, mid-20’s-early 30’s, looks younger than his years; Warm and chatty with a keen intelligence; Resilient and ambitious. A born storyteller.

Man 2
ROOMMATE – Ethiopian man, mid 20’s; Unintentionally cold; Has been in the United States longer than AHMED and holds tightly to the spaces and possessions that he has acquired. Will also play other characters.

Man 3
HASSAN – Somali man, 20’s; AHMED’S younger brother, the family caretaker after AHMED left the desert, the well-being of his mother is his primary concern; It sometimes blinds him to the plights – and also the triumphs – of those around him. Will also play other characters.

THE GENERAL – Somali man, late 40’s-early 50’s; Solidly built and exceptionally tall – everyone has to look up to speak with him; Well-connected in the government, uses his connections to help AHMED. Will also play other characters.

FRED PFEIL – non-white man, 40’s; A professor of Literature (though he does not have a PhD); Odd, marches to the tune of his own drummer; Takes an active interest in AHMED; They become more like colleagues than teacher and student. Will also play other characters.

Woman 1
MOTHER – Somali woman, mid-late 40’s; Strong and independent, she leads her family with wit, grace and dignity; MOTHER is a storyteller who inspires her son to greatness; She wrestles with mental illness. Will also play other characters.

Woman 2
DIANE ZANNONI – white woman, 40’s; AHMED’S undergraduate advisor; Tough and no-nonsense; A crusader; She expects excellence from her students and her peers. She refuses to let AHMED give up.

Rehearsals begin: January 16, 2018 (evenings and weekends)
Performance dates: Feb. 10-March 4, 2018

Audition dates: Mon. July 10 & Tue. July 11th, 5:00-8:00pm
At History Theatre, 30 E. 10th Street, St. Paul

Please sign up for a 5-minute time slot here:
You will be asked to mark which role(s) you are auditioning for, so please note the descriptions above.  You may choose multiple roles.

Auditions will involve reading sides from the script – you can download the sides below to prepare, or arrive early to the audtion to preview printed copies.

History Theatre
Anya Kremenetsky
Web site

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