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Arab Parliament Speaker stresses necessity of standing together against external interference in Arab Affairs

Dr. Mishaal Al Salami, Speaker of the Arab Parliament, stressed the necessity of standing together against all attempts to divide the Arab world and external interference in Arab affairs, adding that a political solution to the current crises in the Arab world is the most appropriate cure for its issues, starting with the crisis in Syria and including the situation in Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Somalia.

In his speech at the opening of the 6th session of the first Parliamentary Session of the Second Legislative Term of the Arab Parliament in Cairo, Al Salami highlighted to the serious and dangerous challenges facing the Arab world while stressing the necessity of preparing and encouraging its determination and the solidarity to overcome all challenges that threaten its security and safety.

He called for discussions on all disagreements between Arab countries, to introduce clarity and transparency and find solutions to the crises facing the Arab world, as well as favouring the best interests of Arab nations, to unify their stance and policies against terrorism and extremism and the countries that support them.

Regarding the important results and decisions of the three historic Saudi, Gulf and Arab Islamic-American summits that were held in Saudi Arabia, Al Salami stressed that Arab countries have taken the initiative to solve their mutual issues, especially with regards to fighting terrorism and maintaining security and peace in the Arab and Islamic world.

He clarified that one of the most important results of these summits is the establishment of a close partnership between Arab and Islamic countries and the United States, to fight extremism and terrorism and achieve peace and stability, as well as developing the Arab and Islamic world, and agreeing to challenge countries and institutions that support and fund terrorism.

Regarding Palestine, Al Salami renewed the Arab Parliament’s support for the Palestinian cause in all regional and international events. He also congratulated Palestinian captives on their victory in their hunger strike while in Israeli prisons.

He also expressed his severe condemnation of an Israeli government meeting, in May, in a tunnel underneath the “Ha’et Al Buraaq” (The Western Wall), and the continuation of its settlement policies on occupied Palestinian lands, which undermine the efforts of the peace process.

Regarding Yemen, Al Salami renewed the Parliament’s commitment to support constitutional legitimacy in Yemen, represented by President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadim, while stressing its support for the Arab Coalition Forces defending this legitimacy.

Al Salami also demanded the removal of Sudan from the list of countries that support terrorism, and the lifting of all economic sanctions against it, in appreciation of its efforts to combat terrorism and achieve security and peace in the Arab and Islamic world and Africa.

Al Salami called on Iran to end its occupation of three Emirati islands, stop its hostile actions and statements against Bahrain and Yemen, and end its military interference in Syria, while declaring complete support for the efforts of Arab countries, to maintain local security, stability and safety.

Al Salami also stressed the importance of solving the Qatari crisis through the Gulf Cooperation Council while valuing the efforts of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah, Emir of Kuwait, to solve the crisis.

He renewed the Arab Parliament’s commitment to continue supporting lesser developed countries, especially Somalia, to end the famine threatening its people. He congratulated Iraq for its victory over the terrorist organisation, Daesh, while expressing his support for activating national dialogue between the children of the Iraqi people.

He also welcomed Arab and international efforts to solve the Libyan crisis, to arrive at a political settlement that guarantees the unity of Libya, and the safety of its lands.

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