African Women of the Year 2016 revealed

As we prepare to reveal our African Women of the Year 2016, here is our Cover Star The bold and daring Somalia’s first female Presidential candidate Fadumo Dayib.

NEW AFRICAN WOMAN MAGAZINE — If you haven’t heard Fadumo Dayib’s name this year, where have you been? The litany of problems that plague her country make politics unattractive to many people, more so women.

But not this intrepid mother of four, whom despite so many odds stacked against her – including death threats – made 2016 a year many will remember as one in which Somalia yielded its first female presidential candidate.

There was no outcome of that race yet as we went to press, but as you will read in our exclusive Cover Interview with her.

Dayib is our runaway winner in the bravery and tenacity stakes.



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