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Fears Britain’s £500 billion donation to Somalia could be misused by terrorists or criminals

BRITAIN is donating more than half a billion pounds to war-ravaged Somalia – despite concluding there is a “certain” risk the funds could be snapped up by terrorists.

A leaked document highlights the risks of taxpayers’ cash being “misused by listed terror groups or criminal gangs”.

The confidential Department for International Development report says large parts of Somalia are still insecure and the notorious al-Shabaab group “appears to have had a resurgence”.

But the UK is still dishing out £568.4million for the drought-stricken African country.

Labour MP Ian Austin said he planned to question ministers about the funding.

He said: “Taxpayers will be horrified to find their money is going to terrorists at a time when police forces here are having budgets cut and officers are losing their jobs.”

IS or Daesh have stretched their tentacles into Somalia now after seizing control of a town in the Puntland region almost two months ago.

As well as highlighting the at risk areas, the report also sets out plans to reduce the risks of cash falling into the wrong hands, detailing what “trusted partners” officials should use.

A DfID spokesman said last night: “DFID works in some of the most dangerous places in the world helping the poor and making us safer.

“The analysis made clear there was only ‘certain risk’ before any measures were put in place to mitigate it.

“We have robust plans to protect our investments from the inherent challenges we face.”

The British aid budget, which is currently £12billion, is set to soar to £16billion by 2020.

Somalia is currently facing severe drought plus food and water shortages.

Source: The Sun (UK)

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